Shop · Pale Grain is the web shop of Studio Pale Grain, a Stockholm-based interdisciplinary studio by Mert Sahbaz. Here you can find limited edition prints, photographs and artworks.

The primary source of inspiration is close proximities to random and mundane sceneries, as well as everyday nature and landscape that goes unnoticed. As it is a continuing process, the works can be interpreted as a long term study and experimentation that investigates alternative ways of producing and using photographs and images. This image-making process usually results in form of prints in limited editions.

Studio Pale Grain is open for exhibition, collaboration & project as well as image licensing enquiries.

You can find more information about shipping & delivery under Terms & Conditions. If you experience any difficulty while purchasing works, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail.

* All images & works on this site are produced by Mert Sahbaz unless otherwise stated.